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Setting Up Your Membership Account

After clicking on the account setup URL link in the email, you will see a short membership account setup form with some of the fields already filled in for you. Do not change any information in the fields that are already filled in or you will not be able to set up your new account. You will only need to enter a username and password in the form.

IMPORTANT NOTE! After entering your username in the form field, wait a few seconds for the program to check to make sure the username is available. The program does not allow identical usernames. If the username is available, you will get a green popup. If username is not available, there will be a red popup and you will need to re-enter another username.

Once you have a valid username, enter a password and click create your account. Then, use the Member Login page to gain access to the Home Painting Secrets video series.

HINT: Be sure to create a username and password in a Notepad document before you set up your account, and save the Notepad document on your computer for easy access.

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